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Quarantine & Vaccinations

These facilities are located adjacent to Meydan Racecourse, and approximately 25 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport.

  • International Stables are primarily used for EU horses, in the event of overflow, EU horses will also be accommodated in alternate DRC Quarantine Facilities.
  • Non-EU horses will be accommodated in Dubai World Cup Quarantine situated alongside the International Stables.

Apart from housing horses in the most modern facilities available, we also offer stable staff excellent on-site accommodation (limited availability). QUARANTINE Horses from all countries will need to meet, as a minimum, the UAE Temporary import conditions appropriate to the country of origin. A list of more detailed quarantine and import conditions can be found in the DIRC brochure. Whilst in the UAE, Carnival horses will be stabled in Regional Groups, in designated Quarantine facilities, separated from local horses. Access to these areas will be restricted (please see Guidelines for DRC Quarantine Facilities). PLEASE NOTE: Horses entering UAE which the connections wish to send to local stables for training (non-isolation stables), must meet UAE permanent import conditions and travel with the appropriate permanent import health certification. Horses will be isolated and tested for disease, vaccinated and treated as necessary to allow them to return to the country of origin or to any other nominated country to which the connections wish to send them. POST ARRIVAL RECOVERY PERIOD When possible, horses arriving after the initial flights will spend the first 6 days in a separate quarantine location from that of horses already stabled in the DRC quarantine facilities. PLEASE NOTE: After arrival in the UAE, horses will be restricted to their allocated compound at the Quarantine facility for up to 48 hours, post arrival depending upon the length of journey. During this time they will not be allowed out on to the exercise track; they will be closely monitored for recovery from the journey and blood samples will be taken.

  • Horses which travel for less than six (6) hours (stable to stable) will be confined for a minimum of 12 hours after their arrival at the facility.
  • Horses travelling for more than six (6) hours (stable to stable) will be confined for a minimum of 48 hours after their arrival at the facility.

Each compound has a walking ring. The rules are intended to reduce the risk of disease developing in horses and possibly spreading to other horses. SECURITY ACCESS TO BARNS Access to Barn areas and secure areas is strictly monitored. All personnel will need to carry a security badge/card that will be issued upon arrival and will detail areas to which personnel are permitted access. Trainers, their staff and contracted riders will have right of entry. Quarantine access for other persons, e.g. visiting international veterinary surgeons, physiotherapists and similar specialists will be considered, but notification in writing must be forwarded to the Dubai Racing Club prior to arrival for security access approval. Access will not be guaranteed. VETERINARY TREATMENT IN QUARANTINE FACILITIES In order to adhere to the strict procedures governing treatment of horses at the Quarantine facilities and in order to comply with UAE legislation, all treatments must be carried out by veterinarians from the Dubai Equine Hospital (DEH). If your horse has specific or unusual medical requirements, then please contact the DRC to determine if the specific medication or appropriate replacement product is available in the UAE. Trainers who may wish to involve their own veterinary surgeons, physiotherapists or other specialists in discussion on the treatment process should contact the Dubai Equine Hospital (DEH), preferably prior to arriving in UAE. The abovementioned specialists will not be permitted entry to the Quarantine facilities, unless cleared to do so by the DEH, and only in accordance with the guidelines set down by DEH. All medications, ointments, supplements and treatment devices that have been brought with horses into the UAE must be presented to DRC quarantine staff on arrival. Unsuitable items will be confiscated and only released upon the horse’s departure of Dubai. If you have any concerns regarding the administration of a medication and the horse’s suitability to race, please consider availing yourself of the ERA Pre-Race Elective Sampling service, the details of which are available from the ERA Veterinary Officer. No treatment or therapy by persons other than DEH staff will be permitted. BIOSECURITY PROCEDURES FOR DIRC/DWC QUARANTINE FACILITY

  1. Only accredited visiting international stable personnel and essential DRC employees will be allowed access to the quarantine facility. No children under 12 years old are permitted without permission.
  2. No animals, other than quarantine horses, may be brought into the facility.
  3. No media, with the exception of Dubai Racing Club nominated official media (private photography of own horses and personnel allowed).
  4. A maximum of 2 registered owners per trainer permitted during visiting hours of 6.00 to 10.30 am and 4.00 to 5.30 pm. All authorised visitors must be accompanied by a trainer or representative at all times. The DRC reserves the right to refuse admission or expel from the premises any person.
  5. Only the trainer or in their absence, their representative, will be permitted access to horses in quarantine for the first 48 hours after arrival.
  6. At every visit, all visitors must wear the protective clothing provided. Hands must be washed on entering the barn and again before exiting. The visitors record forms must be signed and completed.
  7. Only official vehicles are allowed in quarantine area.
  8. Only medications and treatments issued and/or approved by Dubai Equine Hospital (DEH) are permitted. Only DEH or DEH-approved vets and therapists are allowed to treat horses.
  9. Vector screens must be closed at all times and only opened for the entry/exit of horses.
  10. It is the trainers/representative’s responsibility to ensure all horses exercising outside the barns are wiped down with the insect repellant provided in each barn prior to exiting the barns. When required, the daily treatment must be recorded and signed.
  11. During exercise periods instructions from track marshals must be obeyed and a minimum 50 meter separation maintained between groups of horses. Failure to do so may result in a revision of export requirements and an extended quarantine period.
  12. Safety vests and skull caps to be worn at all times when mounted in the Quarantine.
  13. Horses and personnel must enter and leave the Quarantine facilities through approved gateways.
  14. Any suspected contagious or infectious disease of people or horses must be reported immediately to quarantine management.
  15. No alcohol is permitted in the barns or public areas. No smoking is permitted in the barns.
  16. All persons attending horses in the facility are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Emirates Racing Authority.

All quarantine rules must be adhered to. Any failure to observe a quarantine related Rule or Instruction issued by the ERA or any quarantine regulations or laws issued by the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, or any other relevant authority, shall be a breach of the ERA Rules and subject to punishment.